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Chapter 32 (it’s about to go down)

Chris B:

I don’t remember shit all I knew was I was passed out in a jail cell I sat up looked around and see that guy who was with Jacque he was passed out I walked over and kicked him “wake up nigga” I needed answers why was I here what happened? He rolled over “oh shit…damn rough night huh?” he said half awake sill wiping his eyes “what happened?” I asked with a confused look “honestly I don’t know all I remember was Tyga all beat up because you guys got into it for some reason” that moment I remembered him and Jacque were hiding something “fuck that butch nigga” I said under my breath…but wait who is this guy? Like how did he get here “aye man how do you know Jacque?” he have me a strange look as if he just told me this “that’s my ex we dated in high school” now usually I would go off but that was such a long time…WAIT THAT’S IT THAT’S HOW I GOT HERE!!!! Thelma told me that he was her ex and I lost it I busted down the bathroom door headed for his ass…I have to admit he gots them hoes.

Chris C.:

This nigga was stupid he should have kept his guard up he just made this easier by trusting me “is there a Christopher Clark and a Christopher brown?” a sheriff walked through the door I knew we would be out soon Jacque got the hook ups around here.
When we got out everyone was outside Jacque, Tyga, drake, now wow, and the other guys. But something wasn’t rite “Jacque what


My sister had died it was the saddest moment of my life I was trying to hide it for the guys but I couldn’ that was my sister she was there for me through everything no matter what. “Jacque what’s wrong?” chris asked me she’s dead” I said real faint “lets go” I said heading to the car “go where?” mike asked I didn’t turn around I just hopped in the car.


"we can all go to my place I have food" Jacque’s friend said "man hol up how are we supposed to know witch one we are talking to if both of your names are Chris" drake asked "well yall can just call me Johnny" her friend said as we all walked to cars Jacque was in the two seated Beemer so we all expected Chris to ride with her but Johnny hopped in her car and Chris hopped in with me. Oh lord lets hope this goes right.


I remember Ty talking about some shit I wasn’t suppose to find out about “what were you and Jacque talking about outside the room?” he just froze and gripped the wheel real tight. I hope this aint no bad news

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